What is Dry Fusion

Dry Fusion is a unique Australian and German developed all-in-one carpet cleaning system which cleans, deodorises, stain protects and heat dries to deliver outstanding results never before available. Using the patented revolutionary hot pad rotary system which combines hot water extraction and dry cleaning methods, Dry Fusion maximises cleaning performance on all carpet types and delivers fast, dry, fresh and safe results.

Dry Fusion is a three part system which consists of the patented machine, an environmentally friendly cleaning solution and a stain protector, which when combined with a continually applied heat of up to 85 degrees celsius results in a thermal reaction which allows the solution and the stain protector to clean, block stains, and improve drying performance. This system draws soil out of the carpets and onto the patented yarn cleaning pads which are constantly rotated by the machine. The entire process is pH neutral and does not rely on water extraction to clean carpets like traditional cleaning systems.

Dry Fusion has been designed for today's carpets, which are characterised by a short and densely packed compact pile. Traditional extraction cleaning methods leave carpets wet and soggy for long period of time, which results in poor airflow and a slow drying time, and more residual dirt left behind. Unlike traditional methods, Dry Fusion doesn't rely on airflow to dry the carpet, therefore carpets are clean, safe, dry, and ready to walk on within 30 minutes.